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Top 5 Essential CRM & Practice Management Features in a South African Accounting Environment

There are many CRM and Practice Management tools available to South African accountants, but as with all software, they are not made equal.

Some also provide more value than others.

This article aims to explain the top five essential features of CRM and Practice Management software for South African accountants and auditors.

What is a CRM and Practice Management system?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Practice Management system makes it easier to manage clients, staff, and work from one central location.

When it integrates with the other tools you already use, it provides a single source and view of your practice.

Here are the top most essential features to consider:

#1 South-African specific

While South African accountants have a few CRM and Practice Management options available to them, few are built by accountants for South African accountants to address their exact needs.

The DataGrows CRM & Practice Management system includes SARS (South African Revenue Services) functionality to make it even easier for accountants and auditors to automate and streamline SARS tasks.

#2 Built for accounting

It goes without saying that accountants and auditors need a CRM and Practice Management tool that is specifically built for the industry because these types of systems cut down the workload, organise data and streamline processes that would usually be repetitive and time-consuming.

When the software is built for accounting, it includes features that other CRMs do not offer, such as:

  • VAT return tasks

  • Share register to generate share certificates.

  • CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) tasks.

  • Financials and income tax tasks

#3 Integration-friendly

To automate as many processes in your accounting firm as possible, you probably already work with other tools. So the CRM and Practice Management system of choice must be able to easily integrate with other relevant software in your firm.

#4 Advanced filter

An advanced filter feature is another function that simplifies tasks because it allows for complex searches.

For example, the DataGrows CRM & Practice Management system offers advanced filters to apply a few filters to a search and save the search for next time.

An example of how you can use advanced search filters in the DataGrows CRM & Practice Management system.

#5 Workflow automation

Lastly, a CRM and Project Management platform must be able to automate workflows and processes to further simplify and streamline tasks and eliminate time-consuming, repetitive work.

Not only should the software streamline workflows, but it should also have a built-in reminder or notification function.

Side note: the DataGrows system also offers an automated email feature.

To Conclude

The best thing to do when searching for new tools, including a CRM and Practice Management tool, is to test them out to see which one can best optimise your workflow.

Why not give the DataGrows CRM and Practice Management system a try? It’s absolutely free for 30 days and does not require you to enter your credit card details. Remember, it’s the only platform built specifically for South African accountants and auditors. Check it out now.



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