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Advanced Filters

Updated: Nov 15

You can now have a few different options when filtering in DataGrows.

1. Filter based on a value in a cell.

This allows you to right-click on a field or cell and immediately filter on all exact or similar records in that table.

For example:

If you right-click on Chris in the Client Name column, then:

Select Filter on “Chris”. All records with Client Name = “Chris” will be returned.

Select Filter on similar. All records containing “Chris” in the Client Name will be returned.

2. Filter

Filter by clicking on the 3 dot menu next to the column heading, then select Filter.

Here you can activate the Advanced filter by checking the 'Advanced Filter' checkbox, or you can use the standard filter.

3. Advanced filter

Once you have a filter, you can make the filter more complex. This filter will allow you to apply 2 filters on one column or filter on complex scenarios.

You can also save a filter for future use on your own browser or as a global preference for your entire team to see.

To activate the advanced filter option, please click on the filter icon in the top right corner, then check the Advanced filter checkbox.

Example 1: Two filters on the same column

For example, where Entity type = PTY LTD or where entity type = PLC.

Once you activate the advanced filter, the screen will look like this.

You will see that the first filter already displays.

To add the next filter, click on +Filter, and select 'OR'.

Then change the column name to 'entity type' and add PLC in the filter field.

Now you can click 'Apply' to apply the filter or add a title and click 'Save & Apply'. This will save the filter for future access.

If you check the global preference checkbox before saving, this filter will be saved for your entire team to see and edit.

Example 2:

We want all clients of type Pty LTD, that are in the rate group Discounted or No Charge.

Here your first filter will be on Entity Type = PTY LTD

Next, click on +Group

In the new group, choose + FILTER

  • Select rate group equals 'discounted'.

  • Click on +Filter again.

  • Select OR

  • Select rate group equals 'no charge'.

The filter now states

“all clients of type Pty LTD, (that is in rate group Discounted or No Charge).”


Use a group to group a set of conditions like you will use brackets.

Use 'AND' if you want records where both conditions apply.

Use 'OR' if you want records where the first or the second condition applies.

To access saved filters.

Click on Filters in the menu bar. All saved filters will show here. By clicking on the filter, it will be applied.


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