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Why should you choose a CRM specifically designed for the accounting industry?

As far as CRMs go, you are spoilt for choice.

In fact, CRM software is the biggest software market globally.

But. Not all of them are made equal. Some are built specifically to benefit certain industries.

Accounting, auditing and bookkeeping are some niches that benefit from a specialised CRM, and we’ll tell you why.

What is a CRM?

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management.

CRM software connects the various departments of your company to provide one dashboard from which to manage customers so that no opportunities are missed, and everyone is kept on the same page.

There are many benefits to using a CRM system, and every business should have one. But they must be chosen with care because some have more benefits than others.

Accounting CRM vs. non-industry-specific CRM

Although there are many CRM systems available on the market today, there are actually not many industry-specific CRMs. What is meant by that is that not many are geared for certain industries specifically.

Accounting CRMs are specifically designed for accounting and auditing firms.

Now, here’s the difference between dedicated accounting CRMs and non-specialist ones:

Non-industry-specific CRMs have awesome features that help any business, including accounting firms. As a result, they also include a lot of functionality you do not need and lack some very specific features unique to your industry.

When an accounting or auditing firm chooses a CRM created specifically for their industry, they get more benefits than the usual CRM benefits.

These powerful benefits simplify and speed up workflows and increase client satisfaction.

To give you a practical example, we’ll delve into the accounting-specific features of the DataGrows CRM ad Practice Management tool:

Features of the DataGrows CRM and Practice Management system

The DataGrows CRM and Practice Management system is built by accountants for accountants to address South African accounting and tax needs specifically.

Let’s dig into the features of this accounting-specific CRM that other CRMs normally do not offer:

While most CRMs store client details such as contact information and birthdays, DataGrows uses this information and more to schedule accounting and tax tasks. Below is a list of tasks that can be scheduled through DataGrows. Users will switch the task on once, and the system will continue to schedule the task for future dates automatically.

  • Accounting

  • Vat Returns

  • CIPC Annual Returns

  • CIPC Tasks

  • Financials & Income Tax

  • Compensation Fund ROE

  • EMP201

  • EMP 501 Bi-Annual Recon

  • Payroll

  • UIF ufilling

  • Income Tax Individuals

  • Provisional Tax Returns

  • SARS Tasks

  • Turnover Tax

  • Firm & Adhoc Tasks: From drafting letters to meetings and travel time, this table contains a lot of task options.

  • Specialized Tasks: Schedule anything unique and recurring per client.

That’s not all. The app takes it even further by adding more amazing features like:

  • The Share Register: Manage your share register from within the app and generate share certificates in seconds.

  • My Chats: Chat with your team as you work

  • Services not used: See a comprehensive list of all the services you could still offer to your clients based on the entity type so that you can upsell.

  • Staff training matrix: Define the skill level of each team member and upskill all members within their area of interest.

  • All tasks due: A summary of all your upcoming, current and overdue tasks

  • Automated emails

  • Reports

  • Easy timekeeping and billing

Want to see all of this in action? Here is a link to a full demo of the system.

Last words

Now you can understand what makes the DataGrows CRM and Practice Management tool so powerful for accountants and auditors.

Book your spot on our next live online demo today by emailing

As one of our clients, Belinda, once said, this tool will change your life and practice.



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