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Tables: Vat Returns Table Explained

The VAT Returns Table is the second table in the Accounting group.

To set up VAT for a client :

Go to the Client table.

Select the client you want to add VAT services for.

Check the VAT checkbox and add a VAT Type.

We have four VAT Types in DataGrows:

  • Even

  • Odd

  • Monthly

  • Bi-Annually

Once the VAT and VAT Type are set, click Save.

The VAT tasks will immediately show in the VAT Returns table.

Tasks will then schedule on the last day of the current month with a due date of the last day of the following month, according to the VAT Type selected.

If you do not see a record for a specific client it might mean that their period isn't due yet and will schedule at a later stage. We do this to avoid over cluttering the table view and to keep the focus on the tasks that your staff can currently work on.

Once a task is complete, and everyone is happy, change the status to Complete. The task will then move to the VAT Returns Archive table. If the task was accidentally archived, change the status to In Progress, the task will then move back to the main table.

The table also has a Notes column for any comments relating to the task.

A reminder will appear in the All Tasks Due table indicating the number of VAT Returns due for a particular date.

If you feel like we have left out any columns please send an email to support@mydatagrows.com and we will gladly add them.


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