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Tables: All Tasks Due Table Explained

Updated: May 6

The All Tasks Due table summarizes all upcoming deadlines with hotlinks to the specific details for each task.

The All Tasks Due table is located at the top of the left navigation or the top of the home screen.

It Displays the Accountant's name, Due Date, and a number (under each task column) due for that day.

To access the exact details for each task, click on the blue hotlinks, and the relevant table will open. You can immediately start working on the tasks from here.

As an Admin or Partner Role, you can filter on a specific accountant by clicking on the 3-dot menu next to the accountant column, then select filter - contains- and enter the accountant's name. All other roles that are filtered on their own tasks will only see their own summary under the All Tasks Due table.

To filter on a due date click on the 3-dot menu next to the Due Date column. Select Filter. Here you can filter on a date range. If you only want to filter on one specific day, enter this day in both the from and to date tabs.


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