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Tables: Clients Table Explained

Updated: May 6

The Clients table is the second table in the navigation menu of the Accounting CRM.

It is the driving force behind our automations. Once a client is added, their upcoming tasks will schedule immediately. If a task table is empty after the option was ticked, it might mean that the due date is too far in the future or relies on a SARS due date that hasn't been released yet. These tasks will schedule at a later stage or once SARS releases the necessary dates, allowing enough time for staff to complete them.

Adding clients

Click on +Record in the top right corner to add a single client.

To do a bulk upload, please follow the steps in this link.

When adding a new client, enter all the relevant details, then click Save&New to add a new client or Save&Edit to view tasks for this specific client.

Once you select an existing client or add a new client, an edit screen will open on the right. Expand this screen by clicking on the expansion bar.

Once you select an existing client and expand the edit screen, you will see tabs at the top of the table containing all relevant tasks for the specific client. This provides an easy access view of how far the client's progress is. Users can immediately edit a task from here by clicking on the task.


Below follows a list of all the columns provided when adding a client and an explanation of what they do:

Section: Client Details

  • Status: This indicates if you are currently providing services to this client

Active clients will generate tasks.

Inactive clients will no longer generate tasks but will still show on the system for archival purposes.

Pending clients will not generate tasks. We recommend using this function when onboarding or still negotiating with clients.

  • Rate Group: Assign a rate group to each client based on their billing structure. To set up your rate groups, please follow the steps in this post. Once the groups have been added, they will display as a dropdown in the client table.

  • Client Name: This is the name that will display on all tasks for this client

  • Comment: This column can be used to add any notes about the client

  • Entity Type: We have the following entity type options. If you feel like we have missed an entity type, please email support@mydatagrows.com and we will gladly add it.











  11. PLC

  12. PTY LTD


  14. TRUST

  • Registration Nr: This column can be used to store company registration numbers or ID numbers for individuals

  • Registration Date: Company registration dates or the date of birth for an individual. This column is used to populate the CIPC annual returns for CIPC registered entities.

  • Year End

  • Trading Name: Enter a trading name only if it differs from the client name

  • Group: This column is used to distinguish clients that fall under the same group of companies for example. It is a text column so can be used for any internal grouping structure used by your firm.

  • Primary Contact

  • Contact Nr

  • Contact Email

  • Tax Nr

  • Vat Nr

  • PAYE Nr

  • UIF Reg

  • Workman's Ref Nr

Section: Roles

This section allows users to assign staff to a client for specific tasks. To set the User Roles for users after assigning them here, please read this post.

  • Accountant: Any staff member assigned as an accountant will be responsible for all tasks for the client unless another role is selected. Other selected roles will replace the accountant for that specific client and task.

  • Partner/Manager: The person that needs to do the final sign-off on tasks.

  • Accounting Role: This staff member will be assigned to this client for all tasks under the Accounting group (grouping can be viewed in the navigation)


VAT Returns

  • CIPC Role: This staff member will be assigned to this client for all tasks under the CIPC group (grouping can be viewed in the navigation)

CIPC Annual Returns

CIPC Tasks

  • Financials & Tax Role: This staff member will be assigned to this client for all tasks under the Financials&Tax group (grouping can be viewed in the navigation)

Financials & Income Tax

  • HR Role: This staff member will be assigned to this client for all tasks under the Payroll group (grouping can be viewed in the navigation)

Compensation Fund ROE


EMP501 Bi-Annual Recon


UIF uFiling

  • Tax Role: This staff member will be assigned to this client for all tasks under the Tax group (grouping can be viewed in the navigation)

Income Tax Individuals

Provisional Tax Returns

SARS Tasks

Turnover Tax

Section: Services

This section contains checkboxes for all the services provided to the client. Once checked, the tasks will start to populate for that client.

  • Accounting (Checkbox)

  • VAT (Checkbox)

  • Vat Type: Select from the dropdown





  • Payroll (Checkbox)

  • Payroll Due Date: We provide a few payroll date options. If the specified date falls on a weekend or public holiday, the due date will schedule for the closest working day.

10th of the month

15th of the month

1st Friday of the month

20th of the month

25th of the month

2nd last Friday of the month

7th of the month

Last day of the month

Last Friday of the month

  • Weekly Payroll (Checkbox)

  • Bi-Weekly Payroll (Checkbox)

  • Bi-Weekly Pay Date:

The Due Date will schedule for the closest Friday to your selected date

  • EMP201 (Checkbox)

  • EMP501 (Checkbox)

  • Income Tax(Checkbox)

  • Provisional Tax (Checkbox)

  • Turnover Tax (Checkbox)

  • UIF (Checkbox): This is for clients that only require uFiling, such as domestic workers.

  • Workmans (Checkbox)

  • Financials: This is a text column, so any custom note can be added

  • Document Folder (Checkbox): This is a way to indicate if documents for this client are stored on an external device/app.

  • Accounting Program: Select from the dropdown

Sage Banking Only

Sage Full Account









  • Management Reports

  • Bank Statements: Select from the dropdown

Bank Feed

Request Statement


Section: Profiles/Login Details

Text columns to allow for storing of login details

  • eFiling Logins

  • UIF/TERS Logins

  • Workman's Comp Logins

  • Bank Details

Section: Additional Details

  • Physical Address

  • Postal Address

  • Name of Director/s

  • ID Number of Director/s

  • Retainer

  • Referred By

  • Rating: Any internal rating system used by your firm

If you have any further questions regarding this table please email support@mydatagrows.com.


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