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SARS Tasks Table Explained

Updated: Aug 4

The SARS Tasks Table won't automatically populate. To add a SARS Task:

  • Go to the SARS Table

  • Click +Record

  • Select the needed: task, client, period, accountant, and status from the dropdowns.

If you don't see the SARS task you are looking for, please send an email to support@mydatagrows.com so we may add it.

  • Next click 'Save&Edit' to start capturing subtasks.

  • The view will change slightly and more tabs will show in the top right corner. Go to the Sub Tasks tab. Here you will find a list of sub-tasks required for the selected SARS tasks.

  • You can expand this screen by clicking on the expansion bar shown in the above image.

  • The sub-tasks will include a list of required documents and hyperlinks to the SARS website and file download pages where available.

  • Once you select any of the sub-tasks another screen will open to the right. Here you can select the dates on which the document was requested, and received.

  • Once you add an upload date on the main task, the day counter will start counting in business days, until the task is marked as complete.

If you want to attach the received documents to this task for reference, please read this post.


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