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Tables: Accounting Table Explained

The Accounting table is the first table in the Accounting group

The system will automatically schedule accounting tasks for any client where accounting is checked in the client table.

To check the accounting checkbox:

Go to the Client table.

Select the client.

Check the accounting checkbox.


Once the Accounting Checkbox is checked two tasks will render for the specific client. One for the current month so you can keep track of tasks as you go and one for the previous month. The due dates will be on the 15th.

As your team progresses with the relevant tasks, the record can be selected, the checkboxes checked and the record resaved.

Once all the steps are completed and everyone is happy, set the status to Complete and the record will archive. If you accidentally archive a record, go to the Accounting Archive table and change the status back to In Progress. The record will then move back to the main Accounting Table.

The table also has a Notes column for any comments relating to the task.

A reminder will appear in the All Tasks Due table indicating the amount of Accounting tasks due for a particular date.

If you feel like we have left out any columns or checks please send an email to support@mydatagrows.com and we will gladly add them.

Filter & Sort

You can filter and sort on any column by clicking on the 3-dot menu next to the column name. Sort will allow you to sort Ascending or descending while filter will provide various options and allow you to type in a specific name.


DataGrows allows you to keep track of time spent on any task. This post will go into more detail on that.


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