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Our July Upgrades are live!

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Here is a list of what they are:

New Additions

  • We have split the Registration Date and Registration Number fields in the Client table into the following based on the entity type:

Date of Birth

ID/Passport/ID Number

Registration Date

Registration Number

Agreement Date

Trust Dead Number

We have adjusted your current clients to match these fields.

  • Automated emails: You can now test an automated email and draw a list of clients that will be emailed before sending the email. This video will show you more.

  • ATT AUDITORS!! If you haven't seen it yet, we have an audit module in-app that you can switch on - at no extra charge. You can now schedule client audits from the Client table with a custom due month and date! We have also added a budget selection column to the audit tables, and we will introduce reports in the next month to track the time spent and money made on them! Please email for a free demo!

  • The Data Audit report that can be found in the Reports Table now indicates duplicate clients as well as duplicate primary contact information. If the primary contact information in the Client table is duplicated for multiple clients, you might want to add them to a group. We have a report focusing on Group work in progress to make consolidations easier!

  • New SARS task

Provisional Tax Verification

Individual Income Tax Auto Assessment

Turnover Tax Registration

Turnover Tax Assessment

Customs Renewal

  • New CIPC Tasks

Share Register

Request of Disclosure Certificate (MoI)

Enterprise Enquiry (Excluding MoI)

Conversion from PTY To Listed Company

  • New Firm & Adhoc Tasks

Trust Registration

ROE Letter of Good Standing

ROE Verification

Joint-Venture B-BBEE Affidavit


Management Accounts

NHBRC Registration

National Credit Regulator (NCR) Registration

Accountant Letter

Budget Preparation

Variance Analysis and Re-forecasting

Monthly Business Reviews

Finance Director Services

Internal Control Processes

Error Corrections

  • If you press enter on a filter, the filter will now apply.

Internal Control Processes

  • Once you check the Verification checkbox under Provisional Tax, a SARS task will schedule in the SARS Tasks table automatically.

Any task table with a Verification checkbox will now schedule a SARS Task once checked.

  • You are now able to lock any column so the column will freeze.

If you are still onboarding and want to do another bulk upload of clients, please download the latest upload template here.

That's all for now!

If you have any questions or feedback, please send them to


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