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Getting Started: Accounting CRM and Practice Management Application

Updated: 23 hours ago

Thank you for trying DataGrows.

Let's get started!

If your database has already been set up and you have been invited as a user, please click here to see how our in-app training works.

If you are responsible for setting up the database, there are 4 steps in the setup:

1. Adding Users

2. Data Upload Preparation

3. Data Upload

4. Using DataGrows

1. Adding Users

The first thing you need to do is add your Accountants/Users.

To add an Accountant/User:

  • Click on your Accounting CRM database.

  • Click on Setup, then Accountant. This will open the Accountant table. You will have been added as a Super User user already. Please leave your role as Super User. This is the highest-ranking user role and will give you access to the entire Accounting CRM and Practice Management Tool.

  • Click on 'ADD RECORD' in the top right corner of the screen to add more Accountants/Users.

  • All your accountants need to be added to do a successful upload. These steps will not give them access to the app yet, it will only allow you to do a successful upload. Once you are ready to give them access, you can follow the steps in this blog post.

  • Add a name and email address.

  • Click 'SAVE & NEW' at the bottom of the screen. A new blank form will open for you to add your next Accountant/User.

  • Add all Accountants/Users that will eventually be using the app. Once you have added all the Accountants/Users, click on the x in the top right corner of the form.

2. Data Upload Preparation

Below is the template you will use to upload your clients onto the app.

Please download the '2023_07_19_Client Upload' File. The steps below will explain how to populate it.

2023_30_11_Client Upload
Download XLSX • 97KB

This example file is a visual reference of what a populated template will look like.

2023_30_11_Example_Client Upload
Download XLSX • 105KB

The downloaded template:

  • Open the template in Excel.

  • Go to the Tips & Format tab/sheet.

  • Go to the Accountant column.

  • Add the names of the staff you just added in the Accountant table in DataGrows to this column.

  • Next, go to the Client Import sheet.

  • Follow the guide in the second row to add your client details correctly. The more information you add here, the more complete the upload will be. Any client record can be altered in the app after the upload has been done, so don't stress if you can't complete all fields now. You also have the option to add a few clients to test out DataGrows and upload more later.

For a quick upload, fill in the four columns marked in pink, namely:

Client Name,

Status (you can mark all your clients as active)

Entity Type


*Too much work? You can email your data to in its current state, and we will provide a quote to do the upload for you.

3. Data Upload

Once you have completed the necessary columns in the template, please save your file as an Excel Workbook file (.xlsx.) NOT a CSV.

You are now ready to upload your clients!

Please follow the steps in the video below to do the upload.

If you switched on services in the Excel template, i.e. completed columns with dates or true/false, these tasks would have been created immediately after the upload.

If you didn't switch on services for your clients and went for the quick upload option, please click here.

If you got stuck, please book a FREE data upload session via the button below so we may assist you.

4. Using DataGrows

Now you can start experiencing the benefits of the app.

This video will show you how to navigate and get comfortable with the app.

For further tips and tricks on ways to get the most out of DataGrows, please complete the My Training modules within the app. This video will explain where to find them.

If you have any questions or if you would like to attend a demo to get more comfortable with the app, email or send a WhatsApp to 063 426 0080.

Enjoy your journey with DataGrows!


Additional information for the Quick Upload Option

Switching on Default Services

You can switch on services as you work, or DataGrows can switch on services for you based on the entity type.

To switch on services as you work:

  • Click on the Client table

  • Click on any client

  • Scroll down to Services

  • Check the checkboxes that apply

  • Click Save

To allow DataGrows to switch on services for you:

DataGrows can switch on the services below based on the entity type.

To switch on default services:

  • Go to the Client table and select all your client records by clicking on the square to the left of the client name.

  • Click on Actions

  • Then Set Default Services.

If you have multiple pages shown in the bottom right corner, you will need to do this for each page.

The services will be switched on immediately, and the tasks will be scheduled overnight. You can amend services at any point by clicking on the client record in the Client table and scrolling down to services.

If you got stuck, please book a FREE data upload session via the button below so we may assist you.

Click here to see how to work in DataGrows.


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