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Welcome to the CRM and practice management system specifically designed for South African auditors and accountants.

You have three options to get your clients uploaded onto DataGrows:

The first option: The Full Upload.

This gives you the freedom to switch on tasks for all clients individually and add personal details for each client. It takes quite a bit of time but is a very comprehensive upload.

The second option: The Quick Upload.

This Excel file contains the minimum amount of information needed for a successful import. The system will then switch on services for you based on the entity types you have selected. Once the import is done, additional client information can be added, and services can be adjusted as you work. This import takes a lot less time.

The third option: Let DataGrows do the sorting for you.

If you go for this option, you can share your client information with us in its current state. We will then review the data and provide a quote to prep your data into our upload template. Once approved, the data will be prepped and sent back for your approval before we do the upload.

This option is great if you do not have the time to sort out your data, but you know that the app will benefit your firm. To make use of this option, please email support@mydatagrows.com or send a WhatsApp to 063 426 0080.

Not fully convinced that DataGrows is the app for you?

We host live demos every Wednesday from 09:00 - 10:30 over Zoom.

To book your spot on our next demo please email support@mydatagrows.com

We look forward to helping you save time.

The DataGrowsTeam


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