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Our March 2024 upgrades are live!

Updated: Apr 23

We want to thank you for your understanding during the downtime on Saturday, March 16. Our team started at 00:00, and by 10:00, the site was up and running. We needed this time to move our servers from the UK to South Africa, which should significantly reduce latency and ensure quicker response times and speed within DataGrows. 

This should also improve the future impact of cross-region incidents like the countrywide internet issue that occurred on Thursday, March 14. This issue happened due to undersea cables failing off the West coast of Africa, one of which connected Africa to Europe.

While hosting servers in the UK is acceptable under the POPI Act due to the stringent data protection standards mandated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), transitioning to South Africa offers a more robust solution that directly aligns with the POPI Act's emphasis on data sovereignty and local compliance, thereby providing enhanced assurance and legal clarity for our clients.

We would like to thank the team involved in this process for their great work and fast implementation time. It is an honour to work with such a great team. 

Apart from the server change, here is a list of our other upgrades:


Emails to clients outside of the Microsoft Integration.

Until now, users who do not have Microsoft Office 365 licenses have not been able to use our email integration. This has now changed! Users who do not have Microsoft Office 365 licenses can now send automated emails directly from a email to their clients. 

To make use of this feature, click on any email in the Emails table under Setup. Then set a schedule date or change the action to send emails, then click save. If you are integrated with Microsoft 365 the email will still send from your integrated email address.

*If you want to make use of the emails, please inform your clients that is a trusted source and that they should email you directly should they have any questions. You can also add your email to the email body. This post will explain more.


New SARS Tasks for:

De-register: PAYE

De-register: VAT

De-register: Customs VAT

Submit Payment Allocation

Notice of Appeal

SARS Compromise for Outstanding Debt

PBO Tax Exemption Application

EMP201 verification

DOB in Directors table:

A Date of Birth column has been added to the Directors table.

Everyday email option

An Everyday option has been added to the automated emails to help ensure that emails such as the Birthday emails go out over weekends as well. 


Small Business Tax

In the Small Business Tax table, we have changed "Q5. Turnover < R30m" to "Q5. Turnover < R20m", to follow the changes in the legislation. 

Aggregate Invoice Lines

Invoices will now show a sum total for each invoiced task instead of multiple lines per task. 

Bank Details From Firm Settings

The bank details from Firm Settings will now pull through to Sage with line breaks to display as multiple lines instead of one line. 

Date Completed

Date Completed will now populate in the Once-Off Archive table once you mark the task as complete.

Update on the new front-end.

Many of you have been asking about the new front end. Our team is still working hard to get it out as soon as possible, and we are busy testing the interface as quickly as we can to ensure a stable rollout. Once this rolls out, it will again have a big impact on app speed, and it will enable us to add many more amazing features to the app. We will keep you updated on this process, and we thank you for your patience. 

That's all for now.

If you would like to submit any requests for development, please email


Thank you for your continued support!  

The DataGrows Team


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