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Important Changes to Unlicensed User & Assistant Roles 

As part of our commitment to delivering the best solutions and services to our users, we are changing how users can allocate tasks within DataGrows.  

As of the end of May, the following changes will be implemented based on requests from our users for better role access control.  

The changes affect three main areas.  

  • Assigning tasks to users who do not have a paying license. 

  • Super Users will now have finer control over user access. 

  • Restriction on the number of assistant roles on the system.  

Assigning tasks to users who do not have a paying license. 

DataGrows was designed so that each accountant and team member can actively work on their tasks within the app. A scenario in which one staff member updates tasks for an entire team is inefficient and puts strain on the team.  

At the end of 2023, you would have started receiving error messages when trying to save a client record where the accountant did not have a license allocated to them. From the end of April, we will display all users without a license as “**No License** – [Name]” so you can see which users and tasks will be affected.  

As of the end of May 2024, we will remove these accountants from the client and task dropdown list. As a result, you will no longer be able to assign tasks to staff without a paying license.  

Once this rollout goes live, all clients and tasks assigned to a staff member without a license will default to unassigned. The tasks will  continue to be scheduled, but the accountant will no longer display, and you will need to assign the client to a new accountant.  

This is also a preventative measure to ensure  no task gets overlooked when staff leave a firm.  

Super Users will now have finer control over user access.  

We know that some users are waiting for finer control of user access before granting access to all staff members. In addition to the above update, we will also roll out further access control.  

You will now be able to assign or restrict completion rights per team member, allowing them to archive tasks. Users who do not have the ability to archive tasks will be able to work on tasks and change the progress status to “Please Review” once they know a task is ready to be completed. The partner or manager can then Archive the task.  

You will also have better control over who can edit client records and access different tasks and tables.  

Restriction on the number of assistant roles on the system.  

Lastly, due to the changes in access control and the ability of the Super Users to now fine-tune access control, we are limiting the assistant role to 1 assistant per 10 paying licenses on the system. This specific change is likely to take place at the end of April.  

These changes will enable us to provide more and better features to our users. DataGrows remains dedicated to ensuring the best user experience and service to our clients. Your feedback is very valuable to us, and we will continue to develop and grow based on our users' input.  

We look forward to a quick call with your team to get you set up once the new access control goes live.  

If you would like to discuss these changes in more detail before the rollout, please book a call via this link or respond to this email.  

30-Minutes Lynn & Mariska  

We look forward to your positive feedback.  


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