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Our first round of upgrades for 2023!

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Let's start with the big stuff:

Introducing the Leave Tracker!

DataGrows now has a leave tracker to show when staff are on leave and to ensure no deadlines are missed as a result.

* Please note this is not to replace the HR Function of applying/approving leave, but to indicate where someone is not able to make a deadline assigned to them.

The table can be found under the Setup Department.

If a team member goes on leave, an Admin or Partner User can go to this table then:

  • Click on 'ADD RECORD' in the top right corner of the screen.

  • Fill in the form by selecting :

- An Accountant/User name

- Type of leave

- From and To Date

- Status

  • Click 'SAVE & NEW'

  • The Accountant/User on leave will appear in pink on the All Tasks Due Table for all tasks due and assigned to them within their leave period.

* Managers have view-only access to the table. Staff cannot add their own leave, to prevent them from approving it themselves.

Revenue & Profit report

This report is finally live in the Firm Reports Department. It compares the amount invoiced to the cost per accountant. Please remember to add your salary amounts in the Accountant table for each accountant to ensure you get the most out of this report. You can run the Generate Invoices task in the Process Table in the Setup Department for this report to populate.

Now for the smaller things:

External Storage link

An external storage column has been added to each table. You can use this to paste the link to any external storage folder, such as One Drive or Dropbox, specific to each client or each task.

PBO Number

We have added a PBO number column in the Client Table for all Non-Profits. It will only be visible in the input form if that entity type has been selected.

CIPC Disclosures

A new CIPC task has been added for CIPC Disclosures. Look out for more being added soon!

Client summary report

The client summary report in the Client table now gives a breakdown of all the details for the client, login details, director details and shareholder details, all from one report.

CIPC Annual Returns

A few extra columns have been added to the CIPC annual returns table to complement their new website. Since CIPC rolled back their changes, these columns are not active for editing yet in DataGrows but should go live next week. Please ignore them for now. We will send out an update once they go live.

Share Register:

The share register table now allows selecting between one or two signatures for the share certificate. The selection can be found when clicking on an existing record or adding a new record.

That's it for now.

If you didn’t receive our previous communication, please take some time to browse through our new Full Manual under the Resources link for all our features.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please send them to Your support and feedback help us grow.

Have a fantastic day!


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