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Tools For Becoming More efficient in Your Accounting Firm

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Turn your accounting team into a strategic asset by empowering your people with the right tools to become as efficient as possible.

Not only will your accounting firm become more efficient, but it will also become more profitable as your time is managed better.

Any repetitive manually-based task should be automated to save time and eliminate mistakes.

The goal is to:

  1. Eliminate paper-intense tasks. That includes taking messages, jotting down client notes and events as well as storing documents in hard-to-organize cabinets.

  2. Cut down on time-consuming tasks and become more productive.

  3. Avoid missing any opportunities that can easily fall through the cracks when firms are disorganized.

  4. Become more client-centred for higher customer retention rates.

So which tools should accounting firms be utilising?

Project management and collaboration

Accounting firms should use a Customer Relationship and Practice Management tool to store details of customers and their task deadlines that the whole team can access anytime and any place. This will also help staff to keep track of tasks, know what has been assigned to them, and the status of each task.

Using project management and collaboration tools keeps firms organized and helps improve team communication.

You can take that further and use a tool designed specifically for accountants and auditors in the South African environment. The DataGrows CRM and Practice Management system makes South African accountants even more productive because tasks related specifically to the South African accounting and tax industry can be automated.

Training and streamlining employee onboarding

Your firm should provide training to new employees to get them in line with your desired culture and operating models.

You want to offer training that does not require repetition or too much time from the same person. The most productive way to do this is by recording the training and then storing the recordings for future training needs.

To do this, first record procedures. Use a tool such as Loom and then store the videos in the cloud with software like Dropbox, which allows access to whoever should have access.

When your firm onboards new people, those employees can watch the videos, which are accessible at any time, any place, on any device. That means that on-site staff, as well as any remote employees, can all go through the same training, putting everyone on the same page.

To boot, no time is wasted, and employees can go through the standard operating procedures on their own time. Or you can use a tool like DataGrows that offers free training to new employees.

The DataGrows CRM and Practice Management system allows you to store customer data, track time, generate reports, collaborate with team members, automate emails and store documents all from one system, with support and training a click away.

Give it a 30-day free trial to find out what it can do for you. As one of our clients said, the system, “Changed my life and practice!”.



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