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The In-App Chat

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

The In-App Chat allows you to start a chat with any team member with access to the same database and task.

To start a chat, go to the relevant table, then click on the chat icon next to the record you would like to chat about.

The chat screen will open. Type @ and select the team member you want to start a conversation with from the dropdown list.

This team member will then receive a notification in the My Chats table.

The unread message count indicates the number of messages that have been added to this chat since the last time you checked.

This will take you to the relevant record, where you can click on the chat icon and continue the chat.

Once you click on the chat, the Unread counter will reset to 0. When the chat is done, or you are no longer needed in the conversation, click on the record in the My Chats table and change the status to Complete. The chat will then vanish from your feed and will only pop up again once you are mentioned directly.


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