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Share Register

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

The Share Register table allows users to manage a share register and generate share certificates through the app.

To add a share certificate.

  • Click on the client in the Client table

  • Expand the view by clicking on the expansion bar

  • Click on CIPC to expand the CIPC Department

  • Then click on Share Register

  • Click on 'ADD RECORD'

  • The Company Name will be added automatically.

  • Add:

- The name and address of the shareholder

- Select how many signatures from the dropdown. This will add the selected number of signature lines to the Share Certificate

- Class of Shares

- Date Issued

- The Number of Shares

* If you need to start at a specific Certificate number, please add that to the Cert. No field. The system will then start counting from that number for each new certificate added to this company.

  • Click Save

  • The system will automatically generate the percentage of shares allocated to this person. The percentage will adjust as you add more shareholders or cede shareholders.

  • If you scroll to the right of the newly added record, there will be a hotlink to a downloadable certificate.

  • The Certificate can be downloaded by clicking on the Save icon.

This can then be emailed to the client. Once a signed copy is returned, it can be stored in the app by:

  • Going to the Share Register table

  • Clicking on the icon next to the table heading

This will redirect you to the Share Register table's main view, filtered on the company.

  • Click on the shareholder

  • Click on the Documents tab

  • Drag and drop the signed certificate into the window or click on the window and navigate to the document.

Ceded Shares

Once shares are ceded, you can add the ceded date, and the system will automatically adjust the percentage of the remaining shares.

Download the Share Register

To download the share register:

Click on Menu, then Download. This will download the share register as a CSV.

Bulk Upload

You can use the template below to do a bulk upload of your directors. Please ensure the name of the company and the name of any director that is an existing client of yours are spelt exactly the same in the template as in DataGrows. Once the template has been populated, you can email to book a session where we can help you do the upload.

Share Register
Download XLSX • 11KB


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