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Tables: Share Register

There is a table titled Share Register. It allows users to generate a share certificate through the app.

To add a share certificate, click on the client in the client table

Then go to Share Register in the top right

Click on +Record

The Company Name should have been added automatically.


The name and address of the person owning the shares

Class of Shares

Date Issued

The Number of Shares

Click Save

The system will automatically generate a Certificate number and the percentage of shares allocated to this person.

If you scroll to the right of the newly added record, there will be a hotlink to a downloadable certificate.

This can then be emailed to the client. Once a signed copy is returned, it can be attached to the share register record by:

Going to the Share Register table

Searching for the correct record

Clicking on it

Going to documents in the top right corner

Clicking on the +

Drag and drop the signed certificate into the window or click on the window and navigate to the document.

Ceded Shares

Once shares are ceded, you can add the ceded date, and the system will automatically adjust the percentage of the remaining shares.


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