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Firm & Adhoc Tasks Table

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

The Firm & Adhoc Tasks Table is in the Adhoc Tasks Department.

This is a manual table, as these tasks are often done in unpredictable intervals.

Some examples of tasks in this table are:

  • Meetings

  • Power Failures

  • Travel Time

  • Drafting Letters

  • Emails

How to add a Task

To add a task, click on 'ADD RECORD' in the top right corner.


  • A task from the dropdown

  • Client (if applicable)

  • Accountant: Any task assigned to an accountant will reflect in that accountant's view in the Firm & Adhoc tasks table.

  • Due Date: This is optional.

Working on a task

To work on a task:

  • Change the status to In Progress once you start

  • Add a note in the Note field for any reminders

  • Change the status to Completed once the task is done.

Once a task is marked as Completed, the task will move away from the main table and into the archive table for that task.

Task Reminders

If a due date is set, a reminder will display in the All Tasks Due table and be included in the weekly All Tasks Due Report emailed to all users.

From the All Tasks Due Table you can click on any of the blue hotlinks (shown in the image above), and you will be taken to the task in the Firm & Adhoc Tasks Table, where you can start working on the task.


You can log time against any record, which will log a record in the Time Log Table that can be pushed through to an invoice.

To start a timer, click on the task record and then on the timer.

Filter & Sort

You can search/filter and sort on any column by clicking on the 3-dot menu next to the column name. Sort will allow you to sort Ascending or Descending, while Filter will provide multiple column options and choices within those columns, allowing you to search for a specific name.

An active filter will display in the top right corner of your screen. To clear a filter, click on the X.

If you would like to see other task options, please email, and we will gladly add them.


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