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Tables: Firm & Adhoc Tasks Table Explained

Updated: May 6

The Firm & Adhoc Tasks Table is located in the Firm & Adhoc group.

This is a manual table as these tasks are often done in unpredictable intervals.

Some examples of tasks in this table are:

  • Meetings

  • Power Failures

  • Travel Time

  • etc.

Once a task has been added you can start a timer for this task, which will log a record in the Time Log Table.

To add a task click on +Record in the top right.

Any task assigned to an accountant will reflect in that accountant's view in the Firm & Adhoc tasks table.

A client, due date, status, accountant, and partner/manager can be assigned to any of these tasks. The Start date column will automatically default to the current day but can be changed to any other day by clicking on the tab.

We have 4 statuses for tasks in DataGrows:

  • (Blank)

  • Not Started

  • In Progress

  • Complete

Once a task is marked as complete the task will move away from the main table and into the archive table for that task. Tasks can be moved back to the archive table by changing the status to In Progress or Not Started.

The table also has a Notes column for any comments relating to the task.

A reminder will appear in the All Tasks Due table indicating the amount of Firm & Adhoc tasks due for a particular date.

If you feel like we have left out any tasks please send an email to support@mydatagrows.com and we will gladly add them.


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