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Specialized Tasks

Updated: Jan 31

Specialized tasks allow you to schedule ANY reoccurring tasks. The task name is a text column, so really, any task you can think of.

These tasks will be scheduled according to the frequency you select and will continue to populate in the Specialized Tasks Table based on this frequency.

Setting up a specialized task

  • Go to the Specialized Scheduler under the Setup Department.

  • Click on 'ADD RECORD' in the top right corner.

  • Expand the view by clicking on the expansion bar

  • Add a Task Name and Description. Then select a Client, Accountant, Department, and Partner from the dropdowns. The Department column refers to the rates that you want to have applied to these tasks when timing, e.g., the same rate as accounting services or the same as payroll.

  • Now you can set a Frequency by selecting from the dropdown. Depending on the option you select under frequency, the rest of the scheduling options will change.

  • All frequencies will have a 'Schedule (days before due)' field. This indicates how many days before the due date you would like a task to appear in your table.

If you have a task that happens every few months, please select 'Specific day of the month' under frequency. You can then choose a day of the month and 'every how many months' the task should be scheduled.

Working On A Task

Once you have scheduled your tasks, they will start to populate in the Specialized Tasks Table under the Adhoc Group.

You can select any task from here and change the status to In Progress, Complete, or Not Started. Any task marked as complete will move to the Specialized Tasks Archive Table.

Any task in the Specialized task table still In Progress or Not Started will schedule a reminder in the All Tasks Due Table. Once you click on this hotlink, you will be taken to the Specialized task due for that day.

You can time against any task by selecting the task in the Specialized Tasks table and then clicking on the timer.

Filter & Sort

You can search/filter and sort on any column by clicking on the 3-dot menu next to the column name. Sort will allow you to sort Ascending or descending, while filter will provide various options and allow you to type in a specific name.

An active filter will display in the top right corner. To clear a filter, click on the x.


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