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Firm Settings

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Firm Settings can be found under Setup. It is where you will add the firm settings that will display on the invoices to your clients (should you decide to use this functionality) and your preferred time rounding etc.

When you first open the table, there will be one record captured already. This is the only record you need for this table.

Click on this record to add your Firm information:

  • The Company Info section contains the information that will display on the invoices if you generate your invoices through DataGrows.

  • The next two sections are for practitioner details.

  • System Settings contains a time-rounding dropdown. This is your preferred rounding for timekeeping and billing.

  • Then there is an Accounting System section and a SARS section. These two will be used once our integrations go live.

  • Under the Accounting System section, there is a dropdown for Invoice Date. This is an important field if you will be using DataGrows to generate invoices. It indicates the date that will display on the client invoices generated through the app.

  • After adding your details, click Save


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