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Firm Settings

Updated: Feb 5

Firm Settings can be found under Setup.

It is where you will add your firm's details, switch on time rounding, and indicate VAT etc for your firm. The details will pull through to invoices, reports, and integrations.

When you first open the table, there will be one record captured already. This is the only record you need for this table, if you only have one firm.

*If you have multiple firms that share the same staff, please click on the record that is already there and change the details to reflect your first firm. For each of the other firms, click on ADD RECORD in the top right corner and add a record for them.

*If you have multiple firms that do not share staff, please email to request an additional database be added to your account.

Click on this record to add your Firm's information:

  • The Company Info section contains the information that will be displayed on the invoices if you generate your invoices through DataGrows.

  • The next two sections are for practitioner details. The first practitioner's details will pull through to the CIPC Beneficial Ownership Mandate.

  • System Settings contains a time-rounding dropdown. This is your preferred rounding for timekeeping and billing.

  • Under Firm Invoicing Details, you can select whether your firm is VAT registered or not and set your invoice preferences.

  • Under the "Accounting System Company to link" section, there is a dropdown to link your firm to your Sage Business Cloud Accounting or Xero integration.

  • After adding your details, click Save


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