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Our first automated email is here!

DataGrows now has the functionality to email your clients automatically each month requesting they send the bank statement for their particular entity for the month that has just ended. We will not email your clients unless you request that we do.

We will be introducing more emails like this, ensuring streamlined and stress-free processes!

Starting this function

If you would like to use this function, please do the following:

1. Go to Setup, and select the Process Table. Select the "Please send bank statements" record. Here you will give us permission to email your clients by selecting a Schedule Date (we recommend the 1st of each month). If "Schedule Date" is not selected, we will not email on your behalf.

2. In the Clients table - ensure your client's main contact name and email is completed to make the email as personal as possible. Then mark all clients that need to receive the email in the "Bank Statements" column - select the dropdown option Request Statements. (You can update this via the data upload function using an excel of your current client table. Contact support@mydatagrows.com to find out more)

3. You will see this detail pull through to a column in the Accounting task table. And next to that column is a tickbox called "Statements Received". Select this block if you have already received the May 2022 or older statements for example - then that client will not receive an email. We will not email a client for a current month's accounting task - i.e., we will not request any June bank statements until June has ended.

4. Once your Accounting table is updated, you can wait until the next scheduled date you selected (e.g., 1st of the month being 01/07/2022), and we will email your clients.

5. OR if you would like to email your clients now who still have not sent statements for May or older months - go to the Process table, select the "Please send bank statements" record, and change the action to "Process". Click Save and all clients whose Accounting tasks have the request statement detail and the statement received is not ticked will receive an email immediately. It's a great way to catch up and remind clients who don't respond to the first email. You can also see when the last emails were sent in the Last Run Date.

Bonus feature! The email will copy the accountant assigned to that record, and their email address will be the 'reply to' field in the email. The email will be signed with their name, making it truly personalized correspondence - and you don't need to type anything!

If you have any trouble or concerns with the setup of this new feature, please email Support@mydatagrows.com.

Please send us your suggestions for other automated emails - we will gladly add them to the app!


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