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Our May 2024 upgrades are live! 

Our May 2024 upgrades are live! 

You might have been slightly confused when you logged in this morning. Some tables have moved. This short video will show you the new departments and where your favourite tables are situated: 

This round of upgrades includes some major changes to the role access, giving you much more freedom around which team members can access what on the app.  

Some other upgrades have also taken place: 

  • Assistant restrictions 

Because roles can now be defined more, the free Assistant role has been limited to 1 assistant for every 10 allocated licenses.  


  • Once-off Custom Tasks will now display correctly on the billing report

  • To avoid confusion in the Accountant Table, the old "Hand Over All Work To" field has been renamed to "Reassign All tasks and Clients to". This option is used when an accountant leaves your firm and you want to reassign all their clients and tasks to a new/another accountant. Please note this cannot be reversed. Please use it with extreme caution. 



  • The Share certificates now have a dropdown for 'Existing Client' 

If the shareholder is also an existing DataGrows client of yours, you can select them from this dropdown, and their information will automatically be pulled from the client table.


  • Third Provisional Tax 

If you click on a client record in the Provisional tax table, you can select Third Provisional Tax from the Progress dropdown. This will schedule an additional record for that client in the Provisional Tax table with a period indicated as the Third Provisional Tax.  

The due date will be set for 6 months after the due date for the 2nd Provisional tax task.  

  • The Client Archive table 

Where did some of my clients go?? You may notice a few missing records from the Clients table. That is because we have a new table called Clients Archive for all inactive clients. All clients whose status has been marked as inactive have been moved to the Client Archive table. In order for a user to mark a client as inactive, you will need to give them archive rights. This is discussed in the role access video above.  

  • Macros on the Income Tax Individuals table 

You can now do a bulk update on Income Tax Individuals for Add : 

"Mark Auto Assessed"  

"Mark Requested"  

"Mark Received" 

To do this, select the clients you want to update by clicking the checkbox to the left of the client's name. Then go to Actions and select the option you want. The progress dropdown for the selected clients will then update to your selected option.  

That's all for now.

If you would like to submit any requests for development or if you need assistance with the new user roles, please email  

Thank you for your continued support!  

The DataGrows Team


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