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Xero Integration

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

*Please note the Xero integration is in the Beta stage and is only open to a select few clients. If you would like to be part of this program, please email so we can activate your integration.

In this post, we will cover:

1. What does the integration do, and what are the benefits of integrating?

Syncing your Xero firm with DataGrows will allow for a quick communication link between the two systems. This will help optimise the way you run your accounting or audit firm. DataGrows will manage tasks, timekeeping, share registers and more and Xero will handle your firm's accounting.

Your Xero Customers can be copied from Xero to DataGrows where you can switch on services and start to capture details such as Director information, Share Register information and Beneficial ownership structures for each client. Based on the services you have switched on, your tasks in DataGrows will be scheduled and will continue to be scheduled.

If you set up your billing structure in DataGrows, whether that be fixed or hourly rates or retainers, your team can time as they work, so timesheets no longer need to be done at the end of each month. If you work on monthly retainers, timing in DataGrows will enable you to see which clients have outgrown their retainers.

Once time is authorised in DataGrows, invoices can be generated and posted directly to Xero, with the click of a button.

The data flow diagram below shows the integration.

2. Getting Started.

2.1. Setting up the DataGrows integration with Xero.

The video below will explain how to integrate with Xero. If you get stuck at any point, please email Our team is here to assist.

Your tenant should now be connected. Next, please select the option that most applies to you:

Your customers (clients) are already in DataGrows. You just want to sync them to Xero.

You do not have any clients in DataGrows and want to import your customers from Xero to populate the Clients table in DataGrows.

2.2. Xero Customer sync for existing DataGrows firms.

2.3. Xero Client Import for new DataGrows firms.

2.4. Setting up your rates and retainers for billing.

Once your clients are synced, you can start to set up your rates and retainers in DataGrows. This will help you to automate your billing through DataGrows directly to Xero for all tasks timed on and approved in DataGrows.

3. Using DataGrows with Xero.

3.1. Raising Invoices.

The video below will explain how to raise an invoice to Xero through Datagrows.

3.2. Onboarding new clients.

Once you have integrated, we recommend adding new clients to DataGrows and then posting them to Xero. DataGrows allows you to capture over 80 fields of information per client to ensure a comprehensive overview. Once you post a client from DataGrows to Xero (with the click of a button), all fields for the client will populate in Xero.

To add a client in DataGrows:

  • Log into your Datagrows account.

  • Click on Accounting CRM.

  • Click on Clients.

  • Select ADD RECORD in the top right corner.

  • Complete the form.

  • Click Save&New.

  • Select the client by checking the checkbox to the left.

  • Go to Actions and select 'Post Client To Xero'.

  • The client will have been created in your Customer list in Xero.

4. Troubleshooting.

Here is a list of scenarios you might have bumped into during your integration. If your current issue isn't on the list, please send an email to Our team is here to assist.

a) Nothing happens after I connect my tenant on the Allow Access screen of the Xero integration.

If this happens, please ensure you have used the correct email and password when connecting your tenant.

If the integration was successful, your tenant will show under Tenants in the Xero Integration screen. If you have more than one firm, all of them should be added here.

b) My Tenant is not showing under the Xero Tenant dropdown in the Firm Settings table.

Please ensure the integration was successful by looking at point (a) above.

c) The Accounting System Items table remains empty after integrating.

Make sure steps (a) & (b) work. If the items still do not populate, make sure you have selected Item List as your invoice type under Firm Settings.

Then tick your firm, and then go to Actions and select 'Sync Xero Invoice Items and Accounts'.

d) The Accounting System Clients table remains empty after integrating.

You need to run the action before your clients will import. To do this.

  • Go to the Firm Settings table.

  • Then tick your firm in the checkbox to the left.

  • Go to Actions.

  • Select 'Import Clients from Xero'.

e) Invoices are displaying the wrong amounts in Xero.

Please ensure you have set up your rates and retainers correctly in DataGrows.

5. Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How do I disconnect from Xero?

To disconnect from Xero:

Log in to your DataGrows account.

Go to Settings

Click on Xero Integration

Click on Disconnect From Xero

  • What doesn’t your integration do?

  • When and how does data sync occur?

Information will sync between Xero and DataGrows once you select any of the sync or import actions relating to Xero. Each action will import or sync specific information, as discussed in the post above.


Setting up takes a bit of time, but once it is done, the integration will streamline your workflow and efficiency.

If you have any questions or if you are struggling with any of the steps in the integration, please contact


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