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Upload a CSV

You can download a table and then upload a CSV to populate the records.

To download the table:

  • Go to the table

  • Click on Menu

  • Click on Download

  • The table will download as a CSV containing all of the column headings shown in the table in DataGrows.

  • If you have information in the table in DataGrows, please open the CSV in Excel and remove the rows, keeping only the column headings, to avoid duplicates when you upload.

  • Add new rows

  • Save the file as a comma-separated values (CSV) file

  • Go to the table in DataGrows

  • Click on Menu

  • Click on Upload

  • Drag and drop the file into the window or click on the window to navigate to the file.

  • Save

  • If an error message pops up or the app shows that it can only find one column, please cancel and change the Separator by selecting another separator from the dropdown.

  • Save

  • Once the upload is successful, you can confirm that the correct number of rows have been added by looking in the bottom right corner of the table. Remember, the first row in the CSV is a heading row, so the number reflected in DataGrows will be one less than in the CSV.


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