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Updated: Feb 5

There are two reports tables in DataGrows, the Firm Reports Table and the Reports Table.

All users will have access to the Reports table, while the Firm Reports table can only be accessed by Super User and Partner users.

The Reports table contains the following reports:

To access any report, click on the hyperlink icon shown in the image below.

The Data Audit Report

This report highlights discrepancies in your data so that they can be corrected. For example where a user has been assigned a task but does not have access to that task.

Your To-Do List For The Next 30-Days (All Tasks Due)

This is a detailed report of the All Tasks Due Table. It contains the tasks due for each accountant. The report is emailed to all users on your database every Monday morning.

The first page contains a summary view broken down per user. Each user's group can be expanded by clicking on the + icon next to their names.

The tasks are colour coded:

Salmon Pink = Overdue

Yellow = Due in the next 7 days

White = Due in the next 30 days

The next pages each provide a detailed breakdown of the tasks for each user, broken down into; Adhoc/Once-Off, Annual/Bi-Annual, and Monthly tasks. Click on the + icon to reveal the tasks.

Accountant Times

This report will give a breakdown of the times worked for each user.

To view the report:

  • Select a From and a To date, a Task and an Accountant.

  • Then click on View Report.

VAT Returns

This report shows all VAT returns that have not been marked as complete, so you can follow up and avoid penalties.

Organization Skills Matrix

This report provides a snapshot of the skills levels of your staff.

The idea is for all staff members to increase their knowledge over time to attain proficiency in all service areas, lessening the workload on more senior members. This chart can be used in performance appraisals and forward planning for each staff member.

Client Birthdays

This report contains a list of all upcoming birthdays. To add a birthday, please add the date of birth of the client in the Registration Date column in the Client Table for Individuals, Directors and Sole Proprietors.

Downloading A Report

Any report can be downloaded by clicking on the Save icon and selecting a format option.


For more reports, please see the Firm Reports table post here.

If there are any additional reports that you would like, please send a request to


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