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NEW Upgrades! 

Updated: Jun 27

On 26 June, we released new upgrades.

This is an exciting release with some big news regarding upgrades to our Rate/Retainer setups and FICA Document management. Let’s jump right in.  


Big Releases 

1. Rate Changes 


We have simplified our Rates and Retainer Setup to make it easier for you to use this functionality within DataGrows. You now also have the ability to bill according to staff rates where the invoiced amount will be calculated according to time logged by the accountant that timed on the tasks, not the accountant assigned. This will not have an effect on databases that have already set up their rates.  



* If you have any concerns regarding your rates, please reach out to or book a session via this link. We will gladly assist. 



2. FICA Document Management 


DataGrows now enables you to set up and manage each client’s FICA Risk and Documents in a simple, quick way. 


There is a dropdown in the Clients Table called FICA Risk with the below options:  


  • No Risk,  

  • Low Risk,  

  • Medium Risk,  

  • High Risk.  


You can set up a list of documents that you require for each risk level. Every time a client is assigned a risk level, a reminder will generate with the lists of documents that you require and room for you to attach the documents.  





SARS Tasks 

  • Tax Type Transfer 

  • Application for Certificate of Residence for Individuals & non individuals 

  • Application for Certificate of Residence for Persons other than Individuals 

  • Application for Certificate of Residence for Individuals 


New SARS subtasks under SARS VAT Return Verification 

  • Cover letter 

  • Supplier contract 

  • Client terms 

  • Bank statements 


New Column 

In the Client Table a ‘Business Description’ column has been introduced where you can capture a description of what a client does.  


Rename & Layout Changes 


  • The Fixed Fees table has been renamed to Recoverable Expenses 

  • In the Once-off custom tasks table, Fixed Amount has been renamed to Quoted Amount. 

  • The layout of the client table has changed a bit to include a Bill to option and the ability to invoice per the number of employees in a payroll run.  



Once-off custom tasks will now reflect a task-specific name on invoices.  




Adhoc Invoices  

You now have a process to generate Adhoc invoices. This will reference the Time log and generate invoices for all pending time, but won’t include monthly retainers or recoverable expenses.  


Bill per nr of Payslips 


There is a new column in the clients table called “Bill Per nr of Payslips". If this is ticked, then the rate stated in the Rates table for task = payroll will multiply by the Number of employees in the payroll task for the invoice lines. 


CIPC Annual Return & Invoice Lines 


The money paid over to CIPC is 99% of the time paid by the accountant and recovered from the client. DataGrows can now help to automate this into the billing.  


A new task has been created in the Rates table titled “Annual Return Fee’ 


There is also two new checkbox columns in the CIPC Annual Return Table titled "Bill Fee to Client" and "CIPC Fee Invoiced". If you check the Bill Fee to Client checkbox, the amount captured in the Annual Return Fee column will be added to their invoice automatically! Once you run the invoice process, the CIPC Fee billed checkbox will be checked. If you invoiced the client in advance, make sure to check the checkbox so that they are not billed twice.   


Bill To Column 


The Client table now has a Bill to column. You can use this column to indicate where the invoice needs to go to another client on your client list. The invoice and billing report will then be made out to the “Bill to” Client. 


That’s all for now. If you have any suggestions, questions or feedback, please let us know by emailing Have a fantastic day! 


The DataGrows team.  


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