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Input Masks Explained

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

When creating a text column, users will see a tab called input mask. An input mask is a string of characters that shows the format of valid input values.

Input masks can be used to restrict the format of phone numbers and ID numbers for example. If you require a 13 digit ID number an input mask of 0000000000000 will be used.

For client numbers, you might want the first 3 letters of a client name followed by a specific number, the input mask for this will be, LLL000.

Below is a list of all input mask characters currently available on DataGrows. These characters can be used in any combination to create the needed mask.




User must enter a digit (0 to 9).


User can enter a digit (0 to 9).


User can enter a digit, space, plus or minus sign. If skipped a blank space is added automatically.


User must enter a letter.

? (question mark)

User can enter a letter.

A (uppercase)

User must enter a letter or a digit.

a (lowercase)

User can enter a letter or a digit.


If you need any of the characters mentioned above to be typed in as the actual character and not the characters described in the explanation, add a \ immediately in front of the desired character, eg: 00\9. A 9 will need to be typed in as the final digit for the record to save.

​Any other character

Other characters added within the input mask field will need to be typed into the field before the record can be saved.


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