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Column Types

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

After clicking on the +column button, a new column screen will open.

From here, you can enter a column name and select a column type from a drop-down.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the different types of columns within DataGrows, displayed alphabetically:


Checkboxes can be checked or unchecked


Clocks can display time in 24-hour or 12-hour views.

These can be selected from the format drop-down.

Display formats

12-hour clock

eg. 10:34 AM or 10:34 PM

24-hour clock

eg. 10:34 or 22:34


Used for monetary values

Currency columns contain two characters after a decimal point.

Eg. 438.00


Under the date column type, there is another drop-down for various date formatting options.

There is also a checkbox where you can set the column to default to the current day.

These options are:


eg. 21-05-2020


eg. 05-21-2020


eg. 2020-05-21


eg. 2020-21-05

date month year

eg. 21 May 2020

month date year

eg. May 21 2020

year date month

eg. 2020 21 May

year month date

eg. 2020 May 21

day, date, month year

eg. Thursday, 21 May 2020

Date Time

Date & time in one column

Format: The options are the same as discussed in the date and clock section above.


This will give a list of choices to pick from every time a record is added. To set up a drop-down, list your items, separated by a comma. Each item can contain up to 255 characters.


Attach authorized sites and pages to be viewed within DataGrows.

From table

Link a column from another table to this table. Data will be displayed as a drop-down when adding or editing a record. Eg. Include a client list drop down on an Orders table.


A hyperlink will have an icon attached, taking users to an external page.


Up to 8000 characters

Phone number

May contain +, -, (), x and numbers

Eg. (+27) 072 546 1263

Cannot contain letters


Whole numbers up to 25 digits, of which 5 can be after a decimal. These can be positive or negative. Eg. – 2147483.648 or 214748.3648


Up to 255 characters


Hours, minutes, and seconds

Display formats

Hours:Minutes (hh:mm) or Hours:Minutes:Seconds (hh:mm:ss)

Eg. 12:55 or 04:34:07

Read these posts to find out more about default values or calculated columns.


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