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Manage Columns: Change Column Order and Hide Columns

Updated: May 17, 2023

You can manage the number of columns displayed in a table by hiding columns or changing the order of the columns to match your workflow. This is a great way to reduce your view to only the most essential columns.

This post will discuss how to:

1. Change the order or position of columns

To change the order or position of columns:

  • Click on Menu

  • Manage Columns

  • Click on a column and drag and drop it into a new order

  • OR move the column using the arrows to the right.

  • Once all of your columns have been re-ordered, click APPLY.

2. Hide or Reveal columns

When you hide a column, the column will vanish from your table view. However, once you click on a record, the column will still display in the edit record screen.

There are two ways to hide a column.

  1. Through the menu next to the column heading

  2. Through Manage Columns

1. Through the menu next to the column heading

  • Click on the three-dot menu next to any column heading

  • Click on Hide

2. Through Manage Columns

  • Click on Menu

  • Manage Columns

  • Click on the eye icon next to the column name to hide it. The column is hidden if the icon is greyed out with a line through it. Unhide it by clicking on the icon again.

  • Click APPLY

3. See if you have hidden columns

If you have hidden columns on any table, a 'Show All Columns' tag will display in the top-right corner.

Once you click on the tag, all hidden columns will show in blue.

The tag will also change to 'Hide Columns'. If you click on it again, the columns will be hidden.

4. Global Column Preferences

When you manage columns, you can check the Save as Global Preference checkbox. This new column order will then apply to your entire team, instead of to your local device only.

If anyone in your team has already set up their own local preferences, they can reset their preferences as described below and their system will default to the preferences you have just saved as your team's Global Preferences.

5. Reset Table Preferences

You can reset the columns that display and the column order back to the default view by:

  • Clicking on Menu

  • Reset Table Preferences

*This will undo all changes you made to the column order and reveal all columns that have been hidden. If a Global Column Preference was set your preferences will go back to the Global Column Preferences set for your team.


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