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Data Privacy Overview

We value your data privacy and go to great lengths to protect it. Our site is constantly being tested to keep our site secure.

Access control to data

We are registered with POPI and are bound by the act to keep your data safe.

You will have full control over who has access to your data. The data remains yours and will not be made available to any third party without your explicit consent.

You will add and remove access to your database via the Accountant Table.

Our database support staff (DBA) can access your data in order to roll out system updates and troubleshoot if needed.

If you ever log a support request, you will need to invite Support to your database through the Accountant table for a support staff member to see your data. You can remove support’s access once the issue is resolved.

If you share your data with for assistance with the data upload, we will discard all shared data once the upload has been completed.

If you close your account, your database will be destroyed after 3 months. You can request for your data to be removed immediately.

View our full POPI Act Privacy Policy here.

Physical protection of the servers

Data is stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud. These are secure data centres.

Backups are made every evening, and your database can be rolled back upon your request.

Click on this link to download the Microsoft Privacy Statement


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