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What Are Data Management Systems Used For?

Database management systems are used as a central, digital method of storing records, such as employee details, customer information, payments, and any other data that is generated by a business.

Think of it as transferring the paperwork of filing cabinets into an electronic format.

There are lots of benefits to a database system, but the primary ones are that data can be accessed at any time by anyone who is given permission, data is secure and can be used in multiple ways, and reports can be generated within seconds.

Some businesses offer services and products that are completely database-driven.

Here are some relatable ways database management systems are being utilised:

Bus Reservations

Busses such as Intercape or Greyhound in South Africa use a database system to keep a record of tickets booked, bus departures, and arrival status. In addition, should the bus run late, people who have booked tickets are kept informed via a database update.


Banks have thousands of transactions daily, and because of database management systems, everyday banking has become easy - there is no need to enter a bank physically. Instead, we can sit on a couch at home and make transactions online.


Database systems are used to keep a record of the thousands of books in libraries and maintain all the information related to each book, such as book name, author, availability, issuing, and return dates. When you go to a library and ask if they have a certain book, it is their database management system that allows them to search for the book.

Educational Facilities

Educational facilities like schools, colleges, and universities all revolve around a database system: online examinations and results, student registrations, courses, and payments are all recorded and accessed through a DBMS (Database Management System).

Social Media Sites

On a daily basis, millions of people log in to social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. All user information and how we connect with others on these sites are all because of database management systems (DBMS).

HR Management

Large companies with many employees keep records of each employee, as well as their salary, tax, and performance, and this is all done through a database system. Payments are also done with the help of a database system (DBMS).

Online Shopping

Database systems allow us to shop at home. All products sold from online stores are added to the shop and sold with the help of a DBMS. Things like purchase information, invoices, and payment, are all done via a DBMS.


The agriculture industry uses a DBMS to store and maintain information about crops, livestock, machinery, and fertilizers.

In Summary

Gone are the days of bulky filing cabinets and paper that can easily get lost. Database management systems are utilised by most of us on a daily basis, whether for online shopping, banking, or doing our jobs.

With DataGrows Data Builder, you can move away from limiting spreadsheets to create your own database management system. This will not only simplify your work life but also empower your business with the power of innovation, such as using data to grow your business.

Best of all, with our Data Builder software, you don’t need to be a technical pro to build a DBMS.

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