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Turn your data into business growth with an online database management solution

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

The world has been evolving at such a rapid pace for quite some time now. With it, the trend for optimization and integration of different business processes has become more important than ever. It's time to say goodbye to clumsy spreadsheets. Your data deserves an upgrade. Online database management solutions, also known as Database-as-a-Service or DBaaS do just that: they allow organizations to stay current, stay agile and get the most out of their data.

DBaaS refers to cloud computing services that let users set up a database in the cloud without setting up their own hardware, or buying expensive software and paying a team of specialists a fortune to manage it. The service provider takes care of all maintenance and administrative tasks, giving the user the freedom to focus on their data and the insights gained from it. DBaaS allows you to automate actions, trigger workflows, and simplify your life.

The benefits of Online database management solutions

Compared to implementing a Database management solution on your premises and maintaining your own server, DBaaS offers many benefits, from Financial savings to easy, secure access:

  • Simplification and cost saving: Building the foundation for a good in-house Database management solution is costly, time consuming and often takes an entire team of trained professionals to implement (if you manage to get past the red tape). With DBaaS you pay as you grow—additional storage will be available immediately without the need for preventative planning or intense budget approval meetings and long drawn out deadlines.

  • Flexibility: With in-house systems, costs are expensive and need to be maintained even when not in use. DBaaS allows organizations to easily get additional storage and processing power when needed and scale down during the quiet times.

  • Rapid development and faster time-to-market: Ordinarily, database development teams will need to request access from IT or sit through meetings to explain their needs to a team that might take weeks to implement and execute. With DBaaS, a developer can set up a database from scratch in minutes to match an organization's exact needs.

  • Easy, secure access from anywhere at any time: Cloud computing solutions allow you to access your data from any device, at any time through a secure login. Cloud backup also ensures that the data is backed up regularly and off premises

What is the best software for database management

When selecting a platform to create cloud-based databases it is important to test it out. It's often difficult to know if a DBaaS will match your exact needs, without testing it out. Testing will allow you to evaluate response time when your system is sending out actual requests and monitor it's performance under strenuous conditions, which your organization might encounter on a daily basis. Therefore it is important to pick a platform that offers a trial so you can try it before you buy it.

These simple database software apps often come with a set of Pre-Built Applications or template applications, which should be easily customisable to suit your needs. However, you can choose to build your database from scratch as well, so make sure the application that you choose offers the power, functionality and ease of use that you require.

How do you create a database in minutes?

DataGrows is a powerful online database that allows customers to start capturing data in minutes, all without the need for coding skills. It is a way for organizations and individuals to manage everyday information and business processes in a way that works best for their unique needs.

DataGrows helps you gather, analyze, share, and unify your data on one safe and secure cloud-based platform. Our user roles allow you to share your data with suppliers, partners, customers or your entire company in a quick, easy way, at no extra cost per user. See a quick run through.

Take control of your data management needs today with DataGrows. Get more out of your data in minutes with this simple, powerful cloud based solution—no coding or IT teams needed.

Let us help you grow your organization by starting a free trial today


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