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Time authorization and firm billing

Admin members can now set up your Firm’s billing, authorize staff time, and mark time for invoicing in DataGrows.

Start in the Firm Settings table under the Setup group to set up time authorization and billing.

Click on the record to open the edit screen.

Set your preferred rounding under the time rounding tab. Select the date of invoicing and payment terms (for future integration)

Check VAT registered if applicable.

Save the record.

Next, go to the Rate Group table under Setup:

Rate groups refer to your billing structures, for example, Standard, Retainer, Discounted, No-Charge etc. We have added a few rate groups as an example. Please add and edit them as needed. To add a record, click on +Record in the top right corner. To edit a record, select the record, make the necessary adjustments, and save the record. Each rate group must then have it’s own set of rates, for example, R450/hour for standard, R375 for discounted etc.

You can later assign a rate group to each client. This will ensure that each client’s invoice is created according to the rate you negotiated with them.

Now go to Rates:

Again we have added a few records here as an example. This is every task that is available for time-keeping – with a sample of an amount and type for each.

Once again, please edit, and add records as needed.

You should add a record here for each task and rate group. If you have an accounting rate for Standard, one for a retainer and another for a discount, please add three records for accounting, one for each rate group. You can select a task, set the rate, specify a rate type, fixed or hourly, add a description, mark a task as billable or non-billable, and select the rate group. This takes some time to set up, but once it is done, the results are excellent.

Now that you have done the setup, go to the Time Log Department:

The Time Log table is where all time logged will show, for all staff to see their time. The same records will also show in the Time Authorize table, but this table is only visible to Admins. This is where Admin Users can authorize staff time. To do this you can select a record, then change the status to Internal, Invoice pending, Invoiced, or Pending using the macro at the top (the little dropdown that defaults to ‘Delete Selected’. Make your selection based on the action you wish to take:

All tasks marked as Internal will move directly to the Time Log Archive table, as they will not be recovered via a customer invoice. Invoice pending will move a time log record into the Time Invoice Pending table.

You can select a filter on the start or end times of the time in order to focus on a specific month and then select all the records and run the macro. It will only move the time visible within the filter.

You can make a bulk status adjustment on multiple records using Macros. To do this, select the records you would like to change by checking the boxes on the left, then go to the dropdown and select the status you would like to change it to. Click Run. All the selected records will now have changed status. You can use the time invoice pending table to create your billing invoices, as you have reviewed and authorized the time. At any point, records may be adjusted; if time was unreasonable or incorrectly captured. And make notes as well.

Should your firm not make use of variable time worked for invoicing, we do recommend your staff still use the time log function. This will help you determine if a retainer takes consistently longer than quoted. You will then be able to re-negotiate the retainer.

If you do not bill according to actual time worked but did review the time logs, you can change the status to ‘invoiced’ to archive the time immediately so that you are still only looking at recent records. We are also looking into a way to automate retainer billing, especially for firms that have a mix of fixed and variable billing. Look out for this feature! Please send us suggestions on how we can make the process easier for you. Your feedback is always appreciated.


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