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Some new updates are here!

Let's talk about changes and new features.

Please note - The Share register table has moved to the CIPC department, so please do not get a fright if you can't find it. This was done to declutter the main view.

Let's get to the updates:

Reports have been separated into two tables:

  • Firm Reports table. These will be management-specific reports that contain confidential information, such as billing reports, etc. Only Admin and Partner users can access these reports. Please ensure that your user rights are set up correctly if you do not want your staff to see these reports.

  • Reports table. This table will contain general reports such as the All Tasks Due report, VAT201 summary, data audit report and the new skills matrix report.

If you have suggestions for any other reports, please let us know so we can include them on our list.

New tables:

Under the Setup department:

  • Fixed Fees

This Table allows you to add all the fixed fees (monthly/annual etc) per client for billing purposes. This is a great way to keep track of subscriptions etc, that you need to bill your clients for. If you are making use of our timekeeping and invoicing features, the fixed fees will automatically pull through to the invoice once you run the invoice process.

More about Fixed Fees in this blog post

  • Organization Skills Matrix

This is an internal training tool. We recommend having a staff meeting and rating the skill level of each team member per department. People often tend to underestimate their level of skill, so doing it as a team will give a better indication of where each team member is. The table will also give two options for each member for where they want to learn more and improve a skill. This information will display in the Organization Skills Matrix report as blocks. The more complete the block, the more skilled the member. A dotted line shows that this team member wants to grow in this skill. If you are training staff, any user with a full block should ideally be training or supervising a member with an incomplete block rather than doing the work themselves, thus removing the burden from partners in the firm from training new staff. Let us know how you like this feature!

More on the Organization Skills Matrix here


The below tasks have been added to the Firm & Adhoc Tasks table:

B-BEE Affidavit/Certificate

Business Valuation

Client Table:

  • We have introduced a “Dormant” Client Status. Dormant clients will continue to schedule tasks as they are switched on, for example, CIPC & Financials & Income Tax.

  • Don’t forget to complete the SIC Code for as many clients as you can to ensure the submission of their tax return is just a little easier 😊

Invoicing and Time Keeping

We are happy to announce a major improvement in our billing tool. You can now run an invoice for any client, whether time was logged or not, and use our invoice template if you like.

Some changes include:

  • Fixed Retainers in Rate Group table – you can assign the fixed amount per month to bill the clients in a particular rate group and allocate the tasks that are covered by this fixed amount. Click on the rate group, add an amount under Fixed Fee for Included Services, and then click on the Included Services tab at the top, to add tasks that are part of this fixed retainer. The invoice process will then only invoice the client the fixed amount per month, whether 1 minute or 40 hours were booked, or even if you don’t use the timer at all (what are you thinking?? 😉 )

More on that here

  • Default rate group – you can also simplify your billing setup if you have a global firm rate for most of your tasks - regardless of the type of client. Meaning you can set this rate group up with all the tasks and all their rates, and if you mark it as default, it will be the rate the app uses for any tasks and clients not assigned to a rate group. So you can choose to customise your rates or fall back on a default instead. Please contact Support if you need any guidance on setting up the billing features.

  • Each Task table now has an invoice line & invoice nr column, so you can keep track of the invoicing process within each task. This will enable you to recover all work done by knowing exactly what you have run through our invoice process. You can also trace each task back to the in-app invoice table to see how much the task was billed for.

  • The invoice Table now has a status dropdown to show Processed, Emailed and Paid. If you want to keep track of your debtors here, per task type e.g., it is a great way to see who is paying and who is not. We will add an Age Analysis type report shortly based on this information.

  • Invoice report in invoice table – we have created a tax invoice that you can download within the app, and we are working on a feature to allow you to upload your own logo as well. The goal with this feature is to allow a standalone billing process, with the option to integrate into your firm’s accounting system as well. To view to invoice, go to the Invoice table and, scroll all the way to the right, then click on the arrow.

As always, your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us, so please keep sending them through! Our Development Team logs every request we receive, and they are always hard at work making sure DataGrows becomes an Accountant and Auditor’s Best Friend!

If you need any assistance setting up your rate groups and the timer. Please email support@mydatagrows.com and we can arrange a Zoom session to guide you through it.


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