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Services Not Used

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

The Services Not Used table is a tool to help with upselling. Based on the entity type of a client, DataGrows will indicate which services you could still be offering to this client but currently aren't.

The Services Not Used table can be found under the Setup Department.

It will list the names of all clients where more services can be switched on. It will then give the entity type and a column for each service with a checked or unchecked checkbox.

Where a checkbox is checked and a tick displays, the service is currently not switched on for the client and could be added as a service once the client agrees.

To switch on a service.

  • Click on the client name in the Client column.

  • It will take you directly to the Client table filtered on the specific client.

  • Click on the Record

  • Scroll down to Services

  • Switch on the service/services by checking the checkboxes or selecting from the dropdowns.

  • Save

  • Once all of the recommended services have been switched on, the client's name will disappear from the Services Not Used table.


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