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Quick Upload With Default Macros

Updated: Aug 22

Use our quick upload template to import the minimum data required to automate tasks. Once your data upload is successful, select the clients you want to assign the default tasks to and click run!

Download XLSX • 16KB

Default tasks will be set as per the table below for each entity type.

Let's upload your data

Once you have populated the above template, save it as a .xlsx file.

Add all accountants mentioned in your Excel to the Accountant table, under the Setup group in DataGrows, by clicking on +Record in the top right corner. Makes sure their names are spelled exactly the same as in Excel.

Then go to the data upload table and follow the steps in the video below to do the upload.

After your data has been imported successfully select the clients you would like to apply the macros too. You can select the clients one by one by clicking on the square on the left of the client name or select all the clients on each page by clicking on the Square next to the Client Name Column Heading.

To adjust the number of records per page change the number in the bottom right corner.

Once your clients are selected you can run the Macro by clicking on the dropdown next to RUN. Select Set Default Services. Click RUN. Repeat for each page on the client table.

The system will then switch on certain tasks for each client based on the entity type immediately.

If you run into any problems or if you have any questions, please email support@mydatagrows.com


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