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Provisional Tax check

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

A provisional tax task due date is dependent on the year end, and the task cannot schedule without a year end. We have created a reminder message that will go off once you try to save a new client without a year end but with Provisional tax switched on.

For your existing clients, please correct this following these easy steps, and their provisional tax task will automatically schedule for the next due date:

1. Filter on your Clients table on the status column to Equal “Active”. And switch on the advanced filter:

2. In the advanced filter, select a new column to filter on Year End to show where all Year Ends equal Blank.

3. And then click + ADD FILTER and select the Provisional Tax column, and toggle the filter to “on”:

4. Click Apply. This will show you all the clients who would not have a provisional tax task scheduled. Please then edit each record to select their year end. Please repeat the same filter for Income Tax Tasks as well.

5. Individuals will schedule with a 28/02 en 31/08 Due date, 60 days before the due date

Please note, if you have more than 30 records, and their year ends all need to be February, please do not hesitate to request assistance from Support to default them to a February year end.


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