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Organization Skills Matrix

This is an internal training tool. It is a way for each team member to see at a quick glance who they can ask for help on specific tasks or who would like training on the tasks they are good at.

The Organization Skills Matrix table can be found under the Setup department.

To set it up, we recommend having a staff meeting and rating the skill level of each team member per department. People often tend to underestimate their skill level, so doing it as a team will give a better indication of where each team member is.

The team members that would like to improve their skills will then select two departments that they would like to learn more about and improve their skills.

You can add each team member by clicking on +Record in the top right corner. Every team member will have access to this table, regardless of their role.

Organization Skills Matrix report

The information provided in the Organization Skills Matrix table can then be viewed in the Organization Skills Matrix report as blocks. This report can be found in the Reports table.

The more complete the block, the more skilled the member. A dotted line shows that this team member wants to grow in this skill. If you are training staff, any user with a full block should ideally be training or supervising a member with an incomplete block rather than doing the work themselves, thus removing the burden from partners in the firm from training new staff.

Remember to review the Organization Skills Matrix table regularly to make sure it is kept up to date as training continues.


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