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Organization Skills Matrix

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

This is an internal training tool. It is a way for each team member to see at a quick glance who they can ask for help on specific tasks or who needs training. This helps to relieve the workload of more skilled members and train more junior staff, upskilling your entire team.

To set up the Organization Skills Matrix.

We recommend having a staff meeting and rating the skill level of each team member per department. People often tend to underestimate their skill level, so doing it as a team will give a better indication of where each team member is.

The team members that would like to improve their skills will then select two departments that they would like to learn more about and improve their skills.

To Set it up:

  • Go to the Organization Skills Matrix table under the Setup Department.

  • Click on 'ADD RECORD' in the top right corner.

  • Select an Accountant from the dropdown

  • Select a skill level for each task in the dropdowns

  • Select tasks where this accountant wants more training from the Upskill Preference 1 and Upskill Preference 2 dropdowns.

  • Save

  • Do this for each accountant in your team.

Organization Skills Matrix report

The information provided in the Organization Skills Matrix table can then be viewed in the Organization Skills Matrix report.

The Organization Skills Matrix Report can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlink icon in the Reports table.

The more complete the block, the more skilled the accountant. A dotted line shows that this accountant wants to grow in this skill. Any accountant with a full block should ideally be training or supervising an accountant with an incomplete block rather than doing the work themselves. This will lessen the workload of more senior accountants and partners and upskill the entire team.

Remember to review the Organization Skills Matrix table regularly to ensure it is updated as training continues.

Downloading the Report

The report can be downloaded by clicking on the download icon.


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