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March: New Features

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

This was a big one and was released on the 2nd of March. We are super excited to share it with you!

Financials & Corporate tax

The financials table has been split into a Financials table in the Financials department and a Corporate Tax table in the Tax department. Each of these can be switched on separately in the client table. The Financials will schedule if you check the financials checkbox, while the Corporate tax will schedule if you check the Income tax checkbox for CIPC-registered entities. We have checked both checkboxes, for all clients where financials have been checked. Please review your clients and uncheck either checkbox on any client where both do not apply.

New Look on input forms

The input forms on the tables have changed. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the new layout. This was done to make room for new fields, which we will list below.

1. The Groups column now pulls through from the Client table to all of the task tables. Once the next round of tasks schedule, the groups will populate to the task tables.

2. The Entity type now pulls through from the Client table to the Provisional tax table, so you can filter on an entity type as you work.

3. The invoice nr and invoice line have been made editable on all task tables. You can now add the invoice nr for invoices generated through other apps.

Accounting table changes

Records that are ready for review will automatically be assigned to the manager. When you select 'review' in the 'review management reports' column in the accountant table, the All Tasks Due reminder will move from the accountant to the Manager. Once the manager marks the task as 'reviewed', the reminder will move back to the assigned accountant.

SARS Tasks

New SARS task for Diesel Rebate Outstanding, this can be used along with the VAT table for farmers that are registered for VAT and a Diesel Rebate.

Grant access checkbox.

Within the accountant table, there is a new checkbox called ‘grant access’. As you know, you cannot delete an accountant from DataGrows. This is to protect their historical tasks. The new checkbox is an easy way to remove their license once they leave the practice, together with all of their access, instead of using the old method of unchecking all of their checkboxes.

A new management report.

We have added a new report to the Firm Reports Table called Weekly Overview. This report shows all tasks that have been overlooked in the past week and those that are coming up in the next week. We will add a sheet indicating all completed tasks for the previous week soon.

Uploading Clients

If you are busy populating your Excel file and you still need to do the client upload, please schedule a meeting with to assist with the upload. A few column headings have changed, which will affect the upload if you do it yourself.

*Free Training

In case you didn’t know, we offer a free 1-hour training session to all our clients, if you have already attended one of our demos and you still have some questions, you can book the training by emailing If you haven’t attended a demo yet, you can attend one any Wednesday from 09:00 – 10:30 on this Zoom link

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 856 8764 0046

Passcode: 028065

Or watch one of our previous demo recordings here:

That’s it! Please let us know your thoughts or send any suggestions, or hellos to We love hearing from you.


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