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Here are our latest updates.

The specialized scheduler just got an upgrade!

Specialized Scheduler

When you open the specialized scheduler table today, you will see a completely new layout. This is our new, advanced specialized scheduler.

You are now able to be very specific with your scheduling. From a once-off task to a task that occurs once every 3 months, it can all be scheduled here.

This blog post goes into more detail.


We have added two reports to the Firm Reports Table:

  • Time to invoice with accountants ( a breakdown of all tasks and revenue for the selected time frame as well as the accountant that worked on it.)

  • Billing (A breakdown of fixed fees such as subscriptions as well as retainers.)

New Checkbox

An invoiced checkbox has been added to keep track of the tasks that have already been invoiced. This checkbox can be found on the far right of your table.

Financials & Income tax

A Tax role column has been added that pulls through from the client table. Once the progress is changed to 'ready for IT Submission' the reminder in the All Tasks Due table will move from the Accountant assigned, who drafted the financials, to the tax role assigned to the client, who will submit the tax return, if they are different people.

A new billing template

We have created an Excel file to make setting up your billing easy within DataGrows.

You can download the template and guide at this link

That's it for now.

Please send us your feedback on the new features. It's always great to hear from our community.

We have one more update coming soon and will then be entering a revision phase for the rest of the year to give our development team time to work on optimization. If you would like to send in any requests for our first rollout next year, please email support@mydatagrows.com


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