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Full Upload: CRM and Practice Management for Accountants and Auditors.

Updated: Oct 12

This upload option gives you the freedom to switch on tasks for all clients individually and add personal details for each client. It takes quite a bit of time but is a very comprehensive upload.

If you want a quick start text guide instead of the video guides below, please download this pdf.

Accounting CRM quick start guide (1) (1)
Download PDF • 569KB

Let's show you around and add your staff.

The Excel Files

Please download the Excel Spreadsheet called ‘Your Client Data’ below. Use this to add your client details.

Download XLSX • 36KB

The ‘Example Client upload file’ is there as a visual reference if you need it.

12-10_Example Client Upload File (2)
Download XLSX • 41KB

Getting Your Data In

The video below explains how to upload your data onto the Accounting CRM and Practice management tool. You can also email support@mydatagrows.com and ask us to do the upload for you. This is a free service if the Excel file is prepped.

Using The App

For any add-ons, changes, or questions, please email support@mydatagrows.com or send a WhatsApp to 063 426 0080.

Enjoy your journey with DataGrows!


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