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Fixed Fees Table Explained

The Fixed Fees table can be found under the Setup Department.

This Table allows you to add all the fixed fees (monthly/annual etc.) per client for billing purposes. This is a great way to keep track of recurring deductions, such as subscriptions, that you need to bill your clients for.

If you are making use of our timekeeping and invoicing features, the fixed fees will automatically pull through to the invoice once you run the invoice process. The name of the fixed fee on the invoice can be set in the Description field, as explained below.

To add a Fixed Fee, go to the Fixed Fee table under the Setup department.

Then click on +Record

Add an Invoice Description. This is the name that will show on the invoice.

Select a client

Choose a billing frequency. This will help the app to include the fixed fees in the invoice at the correct intervals. You can select from:






Next, add a start month, so the system knows when to calculate from.

If the fixed fee has an end month, please add it.

DataGrows will continue to add these fixed fees to your client's invoices at the appropriate intervals until you select an end date or remove the task.


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