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7 Unique Tips to Organise Your Life for More Personal Time

Need more time? Here are a few powerful tricks you probably don’t know about on how to save time in your life:

#1 Set a strict start time

Home business owners will relate to this one especially: set a strict wake-up time every day, and start your To-Do list with those tasks that require the quietest time with fewer disturbances.

Early morning time will become your most productive time and sets you up for efficiency throughout the rest of the day.

#2 Plan your To Do list

Never leave things to chance or memory. Using apps like Google Calendar, schedule your daily goals.

What’s very helpful is to also slot in short “break” times.

Here’s how: set your work time for one hour, for example, and then you do nothing but work, and then for the following ten minutes, give yourself time to check social media and answer calls or emails. Repeat the cycle.

#3 Use apps

There’s an app for anything, and it can change your life! Here are a few to consider:

Tip: if you wish there were an easier way to do something you often do, there must be an app that can help you cut down the time it takes you to do it or simplify the process.

#4 Plan to clean one thing every day

You may keep wondering when you’re going to eventually clean those windows or re-arrange that shelf that keeps getting ignored.

The answer is to schedule 10 minutes every day, to do one chore, such as cleaning the windows or wiping down the fridge. Whatever it is, simply schedule it in. 10 minutes is a lot more doable than trying to convince yourself you’ll do it on the weekend together with all your other cleaning.

#5 Hire someone to do it for you

If there is something that can be done by someone else to save you time, do it. You’ll get more done that needs your attention and can’t be done by anyone else.

Consider a Virtual Assistant for daily tasks like setting up appointments, typing, or creating blog posts.

#6 Say “no”!

When you work from home especially, or if you run your own business, you may find that family and friends don’t respect your business time as much as if you were working for a boss that isn’t you!

Sometimes they may take advantage or think they can pop in for tea when you should be working. The best time saver in many cases is to simply and politely say, “no.”

#7 Batch cook

Every Sunday, batch cook a bunch of veggies and things like rice or quinoa, which can be used in many dishes throughout the week.

For example, roast an assortment of veggies and use them throughout the week in wraps, as side dishes, and in omelets.

This way, you won’t be tempted to stop for KFC on the way home because you can’t face cooking a meal…

Quick recap

  1. Plan what time to wake up daily and stick to it.

  2. Plan daily things to do and schedule the time into your calendar.

  3. Use apps that make life easier.

  4. Set aside a few minutes each day for one cleaning activity.

  5. Outsource!

  6. Be assertive about your time.

  7. Set aside one day a week to cook in bulk.



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