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30 June Updates: It includes the first phases of three long-awaited features.

These features are…

  • An in-app Chat

  • Automated Emails

  • Specialized Tasks that are customized and automatically scheduled.

Let’s jump right to the explanations:

The in-app chat

This allows you to start a conversation with anyone on any task as long as they have viewing rights to that task.

You do this by going to the chat icon to the left of any record.

This will open up the chat screen. Type @ and select the team member whose attention you need from the list that pops up.

This team member will receive a notification in the My Chats Table.

You can find out more about the chat in this post.

Specialized Tasks

Our next amazing new addition is the Specialized Tasks Table. This allows you to schedule any task you can think of. The task name is a text column, so really any task you can think of.

These tasks will be scheduled according to the frequency you select. These tasks will then continue to populate in the Specialized Tasks Table and work the same as any other automated table where you change the status to complete.

Find out more about this feature here.

Automated email.

The third add-on is an automated email.

DataGrows now has the functionality to email your clients automatically each month requesting they send the bank statement for their particular entity, for the month that has just ended. We will be introducing more emails like this, ensuring streamlined and stress-free processes! We will not email your clients unless you request that we do. Where activated the email will be sent out, the accountant assigned to that client will be cc’d and any replies will go directly to the assigned accountant’s email.

More about that here.

Last but not least, is a new report titled 'Firm Summary'. This gives you a breakdown of all your active clients according to rate group and entity type.

We are super excited to share these features with you. We really hope that you make use of them and enjoy them. Please keep in mind that this is the first phase of all of these features and they will only keep improving from here. Should you have any suggestions, feedback or requests, please send them to support@mydatagrows.com.

You can also follow us on Twitter @data_grows for updates and new developments as they happen.

Have a fantastic day!


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