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29 July Updates

Before the month ends...

We would like to share a few new features with you.

In the All Tasks Due Table:

  • SARS Appointments for Turnover tax will now display in the All Tasks Due table under the Turnover Appointments column.

New Columns:

  • In the Clients table, an Internal Client Code was added. This is a text column and not mandatory, so only use it if it applies to your firm. If you currently use the ‘group’ or ‘comment’ column for internal client codes, please email support@mydatagrows.com, and we will help you move the codes to the new column.

  • You can also finally customize the accounting task for various frequencies, if not monthly (see details below)

  • In the VAT Returns Table, “VATSA Saved” is now a checkbox

Accounting task updates:

  • The Previous Month column under the accounting table has been renamed to Period Ending. We have also added two new columns for various types of accounting clients and their starting periods.


  • You can now customize your accounting deadlines per client. To do this, go to the client table. You will see three dropdowns: Accounting, Accounting Start Month, and Accounting Due Date. Under the accounting dropdown, we now have options for

  1. Annually

  2. Bi-Annually

  3. Quarterly

  4. Monthly

  5. Or “No” for not applicable.

All clients where accounting was switched on before the update, have been defaulted to Monthly and the Due date to the 15th of the month or the closest working day.

Please select any client record and change the accounting type and due date according to that client.


  • Previously, Provisional tax would schedule automatically for all CIPC registered entities. We then introduced a Provisional Tax Checkbox in the client table so provisional tax could be scheduled for non-CIPC entities. Now we have introduced the ability to switch off Provisional tax for CIPC registered entities if you are not the firm responsible for their Provisional tax. We have switched on Provisional tax for all CIPC registered entities, please uncheck the checkbox where it doesn't apply.


Our SARS integration is almost ready and has now been moved to their testing environment for approval. If you would like to use this integration for IRP6, etc., once released, please fill in your details under the two new SARS columns, SARS Login Name and SARS Login Key, in the Firm Settings Table.

  • A SARS Status column has also been added to the Provisional Tax Returns Table. This will automatically pull through once the integration goes live and you opt-in for the function.

If you have any questions or feedback, please respond to this email or send a WhatsApp to 063 426 0080.


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