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12 May 2022 Updates & New Features

We have some fantastic new things to show you.

Macros, rates, and more...

After a well-deserved rest and stabilizing period, our development team is back in full swing. We want to thank each client that submitted feedback. We know that this update doesn't cover all the requests. Please be patient. We are working through the list as fast as possible and will release a new update soon.

Below is a list of the latest exciting additions and features.

New Columns

  • Under the Client Table

Payroll due date column: Here, you can set the due dates for outlying clients that don't fall under the standard 25th of the month Payroll. We will be releasing this functionality for all service selections soon to give you more flexibility surrounding due dates.

CIPC Annual Returns Checkbox column: You can now set the CIPC annual returns by checking the CIPC Annual returns column. Previously this was scheduled based on the entity type. We have checked the column for all CIPC registered entities for all existing clients; please uncheck it where needed.

  • Under the SARS Tasks Table

Internal Due Date: You can now set an internal due date for SARS tasks and make note of any appointment dates with SARS as well.

  • Under the Financials & Income Tax Table

Payment amount due.

Payment due date.

We will add the same to Income tax individuals in the next rollout.

New Tables

All admin users will now see the following new tables. These all relate to invoicing. Please read the full explanation post here.

  • Under the Time Log group

Time Authorize

Time Invoice Pending

  • Under the Setup group

Rate Group - We have added data as an example. Please add records and adjust existing records according to your needs.

Rates - We have added data as an example. Please add records and adjust existing records according to your needs.

Added SARS Tasks

Customs Registration

Tax exemption application

Other Changes

Financials & Income Tax will now populate regardless of whether the registration date is completed for a client. Please make sure entity type is selected and that Income tax is true in the client table.

Introducing Macros

What is a macro? A macro gives you the ability to execute a bulk action in a table.

You can now apply services to multiple clients by checking the boxes on the left, selecting 'Set default Services', and clicking run. Certain services will then be switched on automatically for these clients. You can then go and switch off any details that are not needed. The entity types have determined these services. This will allow you to do a minimum import of data, to help you upload quicker. Email us to find out more!

Time log Macro.

Admin users will have the ability to do a bulk authorization on staff time logged or mark records for invoicing or internal tasks. More on that in this post.

That's it for this round. A new release will be out soon.

Next in line will be:

  • Invoicing based on your selected rates.

  • efiling integration

  • Reports

Thank you for your patience as we work on releasing the rest of the requests. If you have any recommendations for additions or feedback requests, please email support@mydatagrows.com. We value any client input.


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